Similarity/Closeness-based Resource Browser

O. Khriyenko and V. Terziyan (Finland)


Similarity/closeness search, resource similarity/closenessdistance, resource similarity/closeness visualization,similarity/closeness-based resource browsing


Now, when, according to recent Web evolution trends, a human becomes a very dynamic and proactive player in a large highly heterogeneous and distributed environment with a huge amount of different kind of data, services, devices, etc., it is quite necessary to provide a technology and tools for easy and handy human information access and manipulation. Context-awareness and intelligence of user interface brings a new feature that gives a possibility for user to get not just raw data, but required information based on a specified context. A user needs fast and convenient way to specify what she is looking for and get the semantically closest resources to her query. Resource closeness/similarity search is one of the most popular features that users need during resource/information retrieving process. The similarity search has become a fundamental computational task in many applications. Thus, visualization of the resources in a context of their similarity/closeness becomes important functionality of the GUI and browsers. The paper presents an approach for similarity/closeness-based resources search/browsing and visualization, and focused on resource distance measuring functions for resources similarity/closeness calculation.

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