The Max White Effect on the Gray World White-Balancing Algorithm

A.M.T. Ahmed (Egypt)


White-balancing, gray world, Max white.


A new white balancing technique for the restoration of the faded and lost colors is presented in this paper. This approach simply combines the two traditional Max White (MW) and Gray World (GW) white balancing algorithms in an attempt to produce a better quality restored colors. Moreover, the Combined Max White Gray World (CMW GW) technique is mainly developed to solve some problems related to the linear mapping of the MW and GW algorithms. Where, the traditional linear mapping fails to correct the input regions of zero intensity. In this technique, a quadratic mapping is used for the color corrections and adjustments. Experimental results in this paper emphasize the enhancement of the color quality that is achieved by the proposed technique. Also, the cast measurements are used for a numerical evaluation of the retrived colors quality and to test the impact of the MW on the GW white-balancing algorithm.

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