Conveyor Model and its Usage for Selecting Effective Control Variable for Combinatorial Weigher Heads

L. Kurtaj, V. Shatri, and I. Limani (Kosovo)


Conveyor model, effective control, combinatorial weigher


Dynamics of weighing products with irregular forms, like potato chips, with combinatorial weigher is very complex. Many parameters are to be set at their optimal values for efficient and block-less operation. Conveying processes are important part of combinatorial weighing. Conveying is found at vibratory feeders and at supply conveyor. Vibratory feeders have two control parameters, vibration intensity and time of operation. Speed of potato chips vibratory conveying as function of intensity in steady state is found from experimental data obtained from experimental platform. Vibration feeders are modelled as variable speed on/off accumulating conveyors and Simulink model for simulation was build. Model was used for simulating one weighing head. It was found that effective control variable for head control is cycle time, defined as time between two discharges. Steady-state weighed values are not dependent on vibration intensity and operation time.

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