Directional Balloon Snake Model based on Curvature Dependent Magnitude

Y. Li, S. Luo, and Q. Zou (PRC)


Active contour model, image segmentation, curvaturedependent magnitude


Active contour models are widely used in many applications, however, most models under active contour framework has two key difficulties. Aiming at this, we discuss the deficiency of several typical models in detail, while present a novel method called curvature-dependent magnitude model (CDM model). Any crude segmentation methods are feasible to provide cues for the CDM model to forecast the moving direction, and the external force magnitude is a related function of curve curvature which makes the model has several advantages as well as avoiding the self-interaction problem. The experimental results show the CDM model is robust and efficient in failure cases of other models and able to gain good performance on fitting the object boundary in medical images.

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