A Fast Tree-Structured Search Procedure for Multistage VectorQuantization of LSF Parameters

M. Djamah and D. O'Shaughnessy (Canada)


Fast search, LSF, speech coding, MELP coder, tree structured vector quantization.


Vector quantization (VQ) is widely used in speech coding applications. In real-time applications, the reduction of encoding complexity is important. In this paper, a fast search encoding algorithm using multistage tree structured vector quantization (MTVQ) is proposed for quantization of line spectral frequencies (LSF’s). The proposed method is compared to the multipath sequential tree-assisted search (MSTS) and to the well known multipath sequential search (or M-L search) algorithms. The Federal standard MELP coder is modified by replacing the original LSF quantizer with a MTVQ using the proposed fast search procedure and an evaluation of the produced speech quality is given.

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