Optimal Bit Allocation for Subband Image/Video Coding

R. Atta (Egypt)


Bit allocation, subband, optimization, and H.264/AVC.


This paper presents an optimal subband bit allocation technique to allocate the target bits among the subbands. The proposed technique is based on a new rate distortion (R-D) model which combines switches between two types of models used at lower and higher bit rates. Based on this model, it is possible to select among the low bit rate model, the high bit rate model and the average between them. The Lagrangian optimization method is then used to minimize this distortion model for a given bit budget and to obtain the optimum bit distribution among the subbands. The proposed optimal bit allocation framework is implemented on the motion compensated 2D subband/DCT (MC-2D SBC/DCT). The results show that the proposed bit allocation method outperforms the uniform bit allocation over a wide range of target bit rate.

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