Complex Multilayer Perceptron based Blind Equalizer for Constant Modulus Modulations

C.-H. Chang (Taiwan)


Complex multilayer perceptron, blind equalizer, blindback propagation, and constant modulus modulation


A complex multilayer perceptron (CMLP) based blind equalizer with a blind version of back propagation (BBP) algorithm for constant modulus modulations is presented in this paper. The structure is nonlinear and, hence, is capable of forming nonlinear decision boundaries in the signal space representing the symbols received. The algorithm is insensitive to the phase offset and, hence, no phase rotation is required in the receiver. Both of these are essential for being a nearly optimum equalizer for constant modulus modulations. The necessity of using nonlinear structure for blind equalizers is justified from the decision regions formed in the signal space. Computer simulations show that our approach performs much better than the conventional ones.

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