Annotation Approach for Sharing Deep Web Annotations based on Ontology

A.Q. Al-Namiy (Oman)


Annotation, Metadata, XML, RDF, Ontology, andSemantic Web


One of the great benefits that Semantic Web (SW) technology offers facilitating huge scale integration and sharing of distributed data sources. The easy creation, integration provides the semantic web to use the data successfully. One of the core methods used for creating metadata is annotating. It will provide a great help for the machine to realize the data on the web. Annotating web pages could be achieved by using various tools which are available and most of them are semi-automatic. In this paper the lack of these annotations is avoided by creating an effective semantic automatic annotation platform to enable both technical and non-technical personnel to use a simple framework for capturing metadata automatically to effectively annotate web documents using HTTP protocol. This offers easy, flexible and user-friendly interfaces by integrating the web page with an Ontology file for sharing a semantic metadata with other resources by providing APIs for improving storage structures for this annotation while separating the content of a page from the annotation document.

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