Efficiency, Challenges, and Limitations of Web-based Exams for Astronomy Courses

S.S. Al-Shidhani (Oman)


E-Assessments, Higher Education, Astronomy Learning,E-Learning.1. The Nature of Astronomy Elective CoursesAstronomy is one of the most popular sciences amongboth science and non-science students on almost on everycampus. Depending on the campus size, language ofinstruction, the media of lecturing and the level ofcourses, every semester a large number of students(varying from 70 to 900 per course) register to takeAstronomy courses. Generally, students like many peoplefind Astr


As educational institutes drifting to more dependency on online learning, the efficiency and limitations of Web based exams were questioned. Online exams were used as continuous assessment for large classes. The fidelity of web-based tests was investigated from several aspects, as an alternative tool to traditional exams, fulfilling the course conceptual nature and probing higher levels of spatial thinking, reasoning and imagination. Online questionnaire with several measures was used to survey students’ perceptions and preferences. The paper also reports findings regarding preparation time, ease of use, system stability, environmental settings and other requirements. New solutions were proposed to overcome students' bad behaviours as well as to achieve a balance between students' demanded flexibility and the demands of exam quality-assurance. The demands of informative and summative question data banks and analyzing questions in terms of difficulties and vagueness were described.

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