3D Archive System of Japanese Traditional Craftworks using 3DBlog Technology

Y. Nishio, S. Yokoi, and T. Yasuda (Japan)


3DBlog, museum, chinaware, Japanese sword


We are developing a 3DBlog system that allows users to easily contribute and express their 3D data and share their 3D works. In this research, we constructed a 3D archive system of traditional craftworks so that individual users and small museums can easily contribute their Japanese traditional craftworks as 3D data. Users can also share the craftworks they possess in common spaces and appreciate the craftworks possessions of others and comment among themselves. The purpose of this system is to form communities through craftworks. Fraternity is established among users by easily displaying the craftworks possessed by individual users on the WEB and accumulating them. Our system promotes information cooperation and the cooperative display of data. As a result, communities are being formed.

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