Integrating Audiovisual Feature Extraction Tools in Media Annotation Production Systems

R. De Sutter, K. Braeckman, E. Mannens, and R. Van De Walle (Belgium)


Media Asset Management, Annotation, Feature Extraction Tools, Architecture, and Integrated Workflow


As the number of audiovisual assets is rapidly increasing, broadcasters and media production companies alike need to ensure sufficient high-quality metadata is available in order to guarantee search and retrieval of the material. At the same time, more and more feature extraction tools, which generate information by analyzing the video and/or audio streams, are being developed. Integrating these tools within the annotation workflow will assist archivists to ameliorate the creation of high quality metadata. This paper describes a generic solution how to integrate feature extraction tools within the annotation workflow of a media company. The solution, in the form of an architecture and workflow, is scalable, extensible, loosely coupled, and it has clear and simple interfaces. Our architecture allows one to plug in additional tools irrespective of the software and hardware used by the media company. We also present a profound description of the workflow how a feature extraction tool is activated and how its results are processed. Finally, we indicate how the architecture can be modified to optimize its efficiency.

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