Extending a Data Model for a Drama Product Manufacturing System with Repurposing Support

B. Van De Keer, D. Van Rijsselbergen, M. Verwaest, E. Mannens, and R. Van De Walle (Belgium)


Repurposing, Drama Production, Data Model


Considering today's ubiquitous networks and large storage facilities, it becomes inevitable for drama productions to migrate to file based production workflows. Previous research has resulted in a data model fully supporting new file based workflows. However, the current market of media enabled displaying devices has become so divergent regarding displaying resolution, that explicit attention is desired for producing different versions of a drama product that are better fitted for certain types of devices. In this paper, we describe the requisites for extending the existing drama production data model with repurposing support and present solutions for fulfilling those requisites. The outcome of the paper is a data model, still perfectly usable for traditional drama production, but also allowing for producing drama products for various types of displaying devices.

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