Optimization of Discrete Values using Recent Variants of Differential Evolution

M.G.H. Omran and S. al-Sharhan (Kuwait)


Differential evolution, CODEQ, barebones differential evolution, self-adaptive differential evolution, integer programming


Many real world problems are defined in terms of a set of integer parameters that needs to be optimized. These problems are called Integer Programming problems. Differential Evolution (DE) is a stochastic, population based optimization method that is originally used to optimized variables in continuous spaces. DE is effective and easy to implement. The performance of three recent variants DE when applied to Integer Programming problems is investigated. The three DE variants, namely, self-adaptive DE (SDE), barebones DE (BBDE) and CODEQ require no parameter tuning. They are compared against each other on several Integer Programming test problems. The results show that SDE, BBDE and CODEQ seem to be efficient alternatives for solving Integer Programming problems.

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