Research on QoS Routing Protocol based on Grover Algorithm for MANET

L. Meng, K. Zhou, X. Shen, J. Hua, and M. Lin (PRC)


Mobile ad hoc networks, quality of service, quantum searching, and grover algorithm


A Mobile Ad Hoc Network is currently a hotspot in the international wireless network research domain. It is a challenging problem to provide Qos guarantee for MANET. By analyzing the working mechanisms and key techniques of the Ad Hoc Qos routing models, we can see searching for the most optimal routing is a NP-hard problem. There is only sub-optimal routing available because of the rather high complexity of the algorithm. This paper combines the method of Grover quantum search algorithm with the idea of classical Qos algorithm which considers the link distance, node power and time delay to choose the optimal route to transmit the data effectively and builds the routing searching model for the Ad Hoc network. Simulations and comparisons with some typical routing algorithms show that our algorithm is robust and effective.

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