Image Processing of Particle and Asbestos Detection for Asbestos Qualitative Analysis Support Method: Asbestos Classification Method by using Angle Value

K. Ishizu, H. Takemura, K. Kawabata, H. Asama, T. Mishima, and H. Mizoguchi (Japan)


Asbestos, Image Processing, Particle Detection


This paper introduces automatic asbestos counting method for asbestos qualitative analysis support method. Asbestos qualitative analysis generally involves dispersion staining method. Inspectors are performing dispersion staining method visually, now. This work has big burden for inspectors. The purpose of our research is support of inspectors' analysis work. We regard inspectors' visual counting work as image processing problem. For the purpose, we develop automatic asbestos counting system using asbestos' features. We show the validity of this method by performing experiment of asbestos counting.

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