Development of Fuzzy Logic Control Algorithm of an Electronic Walker for Lower Limb Paralysis Walking

S.J. Kang, J.C. Ryu, G.S. Kim, and M.S. Mun (Korea)


Powered Gait Orthosis, Paraplegics, Electronic Walker,Gait Analysis


In this study, we developed an electronic walker that controls the walking speed and assistive PGO(Powered Gait Orthosis) gait using bio-signals and an FSR sensor. In order to automatically control the electronic walker according to the walking speed of the patient, an algorithm was devised to use the feedback from an EMG signal and COP . The driving system of the EW(Electronic Walker) PGO system consists of the PGO and electric walker system. The role of this system is to provide constant “air muscle” with compressed air at the hip joint. Controlling method was used to control the moving speed of the walker. The results showed that the patients and the walker could work together with stability when walking.

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