Mobile System for Detecting and Diagnosing Heart Diseases

M. Vega, C. Vázquez, J. Naranjo, A. Preciado, A. Romero, and C. Heras (Mexico)


Automatic diagnosis, Heart disease detection, Mobile technologies


Heart diseases are a typical cause of death all over the world, providing the user with a novel, low cost, mobile de vice, capable of warning the user and medical attendant in case of a medical emergency to prevent a critical situation, is the ultimate motivation of this investigation. The main contribution of this work is the design and implementation of an intelligent mobile system for detecting and diagnos ing heart diseases. The proposed system is based on a client / server ap proach. The user is provided with a 3G Smartphone. The client is continuously monitoring the ECG signal via Blue tooth from a device attached to the user’s body. In the server side, a web based MATLAB server program is per forming all the advanced analysis regarding the use of Ar tificial Neural Networks for detecting and diagnosing heart diseases. If necessary, an alert is generated, otherwise, all the patient records are stored on a database. As a super vision method, ISSEMYM medical staff is attending the server alerts if needed. A collaborative medical diagnosis site has been developed for registered medical users.

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