CHOPIN: Toolbox for Composition of Telemedical Services

C. Reuter, T. Köningsmann, S. Meister, S. Houta, and J. Neuhaus (Germany)


Telemedicine, telemedical applications, toolbox, service oriented architecture


Telemedicine is an emerging field that aims at support ing treatment processes across organizational boundaries by providing means for an efficient information exchange between different stakeholders. However, telemedical ap plications have to cope with complex requirements, e. g. related to data security and privacy aspects that do not con tribute to the functionality and usability, but define restric tions, which considerably complicate the development pro cess. In this paper, we present an overview of common demands on telemedical applications based on a detailed examination of practical healthcare scenarios. In order to relieve developers from the burden of implementing appli cations according to these requirements from scratch, we introduce CHOPIN, a toolbox for composition of telemed ical services into high quality applications. It facilitates reuse and leverage of existing services and components, thus reducing costs and work efforts with each new appli cation that is implemented on the basis of CHOPIN.

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