Mobile Agent-based System in a Smart Space for Guiding People with Spatial Orientation Problems

M.A. Ibrahim and P. Mabilleau (Canada)


Navigation Devices, Mobile Agent, Contactless Smart Card, and Embedded Systems.


In this paper, we present the stages of development of a mobile agent-based system in a smart space for guiding people with spatial orientation problems. This consists of a space equipped with several fixed devices allowing a mobile agent to follow the user from one fixed device (access point) to another in order to guide him to his destination. The existing pedestrian navigation systems exclusively use handheld devices. While the existing navigation devices meet the needs of its users in most cases, there are certain situations where these devices have limitations. Walking and at the same time following instructions of a handheld device may be a challenge for some people, for example, people in a wheelchair. In our system, the user carries a contactless smart card that contains a mobile agent. With this card, the user can view the path from one access point to another to reach his destination. Thus, by meeting the needs of users of the existing systems, the mobile agent-based system serves also new users for whom the existing systems present a challenge.

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