A Remote Interrogation of an Inheritance Knowledge Base via E-Mail

N. Tăndăreanu (Romania)


knowledge representation, knowledge base, inheritance, in terrogation, natural language, mail server, email commu nication


In this paper we propose the structure of a system to in terrogate by e-mail an inheritance knowledge base. We al located a mail account that is permanently supervised by our system. If the user sends to this address an e-mail con taining an interrogation then an answer is received also by e-mail from the system. The system contains four modules to perform the following actions: download an e-mail, ex tract the interrogation text and the corresponding address of the sender, extract the objects and the attributes from the in terrogation, compute the values of these attributes, prepare the answer in a natural language and send this answer by e-mail. A short description of an implementation in Java of the system is given. For this implementation the package JavaMail was used. The interrogation of the user is ana lyzed by means of a Recursive Transition Network and this mechanism is exemplified. The future work is presented in the last section.

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