Mechanical Systems Position Control by Means of Adaptive Controller with Additional Measurement

P. Strakos and M. Valasek (Czech Republic)


Adaptive control, machine tool, additional measurement


Main aim of the paper is to present a new approach of control suitable for the position control of multi-mass mechanical systems with significant flexibility. Those systems can exhibit varying mechanical parameters during the process of their control. Machine tool structures with reduced masses represent typical example of such systems. Proposed control principle, the application of which is intended for these systems, belongs to the group of self tuning controllers, which provide the possibility of on-line system identification together with controller synthesis in order to produce the appropriate control action. Based on the different control theories (Generalized Predictive Control, Linear Quadratic Control) used for the controller synthesis, two control concepts are obtained and compared by means of simulation with the cascade control concept which is nowadays commonly used in machine tool control. In each of the control approaches considered the so called additional measurement representing the end mass position measurement is employed. The presented paper also introduces a conditional test as an important part of the new control approach that uses the LQC controller. It is based on the analysis of the identified system model from which the suitability of the model for the consequent controller synthesis can be stated.

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