Application of Three-Level Voltage Inverter on FPGA Chip for 3-Phase Induction Motor

V. Tipsuwanporn, W. Sawaengsinkasikit, A. Numsamran, and R. Jaisue (Thailand)


Space Vector Modulation, FPGA.


This research is a design of three-level voltage inverter on FPGA chip for controlling 3-phase induction motor. SVM (Space Vector Modulation) signal is generated by using FPGA chip XC2S50-5tq-144 because it is programmable and has high frequency to generate switching signal, and also, has low price. Part of motor driving uses of Ic no.IR2130 three phase bridge driver which has over voltage and short circuit protection system. With closer sinusoidal output voltage signal results to closer sinusoidal current signal is obtained. Lower harmonics of voltage and current results to higher motor control efficiency. For design of the 3 phase induction motor speed control signal, principle of voltage/frequency (V/f) ratio control is used which can control the motor speed to provide constant torque.

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