Real μ-Analysis by Stability Feeler - Estimation of Lower Bounds and Reduction of Conservativeness

T. Matsuda, M. Kawanishi, T. Jennawasin, and T. Narikiyo (Japan)


robust control, robust stability analysis, linear systems, pa rameter space, µanalysis, Stability Feeler


Computation of real structured singular values µ has been known to be important for stability analysis of linear uncer tain systems. The authors have proposed a method to derive an upper bound of the real µ by Stability Feeler, a robust stability analysis tool. This paper shows that a lower bound can also be obtained during the computation of an upper bound by the above method. Moreover, a region splitting and expanding method for reducing the conservatism of the obtained upper bound and lower bound is shown. A numer ical example show that the derived result almost coincides with the exact value of µ, which is less conservative than that derived by the other methods including that based on robust semidefinite programs.

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