Design and Evaluation of a User-Oriented Availability Benchmark for Distributed File Systems

X. Chen, J. Langston, X. He, and S. Scott (USA)


Availability Benchmark, Distributed File Systems, FaultInjection


Availability is a critical indicator in evaluating modern distributed file systems, however, it’s very difficult to correctly evaluate the availability of those systems due to their complexity. For example, in addition to measuring the availability in terms of the number of nines, it might be more useful and necessary to characterize other metrics such as performance degradation under faulty conditions, the time from fault to failure, and to discover correlation among fail ures if exists. In this paper, we propose a user-oriented benchmark tool (D-FACT) to evaluate a distributed file system under various faulty scenarios. There are several advantages of the proposed benchmark tool. First, it provides a mechanism for users to define their customized evaluation policies which are independent of different target file systems. Second, it is able to model the consequences of various real world faults, which provides the flexibility to emulate any user-defined faults, and also lets users focus on the layer of the target file system. Third, it can be extended to apply in a distributed system. A case study on PVFS2 is conducted using our benchmark, and the preliminary results demonstrate its effectiveness.

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