OnePort RMI: RMI Protecting Integrity and Confidentiality for Mobile Agents

K. Meguro, S. Motomura, T. Kawamura, and K. Sugahara (Japan)


Security and Reliability, RMI, Integrity, Confidentiality, Mobile Agents


In this paper, a new implementation of RMI named OnePort RMI is proposed. OnePort RMI consists of new RMI runtime, classes which are implemented interfaces by RMI specification and MultiChannelSocketFactory. Using OnePort RMI, when an object on a client invokes methods of remote objects on a server, the client can use sockets of different types to connect one destination port at the same time, and the server can accept incoming call from the sockets on only the port. In order to protect integrity and confidentiality of our mobile agent framework named Maglog, OnePort RMI is introduced into Maglog. As a result, each agent can select a socket depending on importance of data and programs which are contained in their agents. We emphasize that the proposed OnePort RMI is not only for mobile agent frameworks such as our Maglog but also for any RMI applications.

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