Authentication and Access Control QoSS (Quality of Security Service) for NoC-based Systems

M.J. SepĂșlveda, R. Pires, M. Strum, and W.J. Chau (Brazil)


SoC (System-on-Chip), NoC (Network-on-Chip), QoSS (Quality-of-Security-Service), Security, Performance.


Most of the current electronic systems embedded in a SoC (System-on-Chip) are used to capture, store, manipulate and access critical data, as well as to perform other key functions. In such scenario, security is considered as an important issue. The Network-on-chip (NoC), as the foreseen communication structure of next-generation SoC devices, can be used to efficiently incorporate security. Our work proposes the implementation of QoSS (Quality of Security Service) to overcome present SoC vulnerabilities. QoSS is a novel concept for data protection that introduces security as a dimension of QoS. In this paper we present the implementation of two security services (access control and authentication), evaluate its effectiveness and estimate its impact on the NoC performance.

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