Highly Parallel Multi-Dimensional Fast Fourier Transform on Fine- and Coarse-Grained Many-Core Approaches

A. Beliz Saybasili (USA, Turkey), A. Tzannes, B.R. Brooks, and U. Vishkin (USA)


Many-cores, parallel algorithmic computer architec ture, eXplicit Multi-Threading (XMT), parallel multi dimensional fixed-point FFT.


Multi-dimensional fixed-point fast Fourier transform (FFT) methods were developed and tested on two general purpose many-core architecture platforms. One is the highly-parallel fine-grained eXplicit Multi-Threaded (XMT) single-chip parallel architecture that targets reducing single task completion time. The second is 8xDual Core AMD Opteron 8220. The results show that the for mer outperforms the latter not only in speedup and ease of programming, but also with small data sets (small-scale parallelism). One of our results on XMT was a super-linear speedup (by a factor larger than the number of processors) observed under some rather unique circumstances.

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