Smart and Scalable Communications between Dynamic Entities

A. Nurminen (Finland)


Communications, modelling and simulation, optimization,distributed virtual environments


There are several dynamic systems where near real time information exchange needs to take place between nearby entities, such as swarms of cleaning robots that orchestrate their movement, intelligent car-to-car warning systems, or distributed virtual reality simulations. When such systems become large, networks may saturate, or servers become computational bottlenecks. We present a novel scheme that utilizes common wireless communications between nearby entities in a scalable manner, minimizing data transfers. The system exploits topologies of the physical space, client side dead reckoning and precalculated communication visibilities. A server acts as a fast message switchboard between the entities, which publish their states and implicitly subscribe to nearby entity data based on their position. An asynchronous, binary XML protocol provides structured communications with optimal network bandwidth usage, suited for lightweight devices. The presented scheme is general, applicable to a range of systems from real devices to virtual distributed simulation environments.

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