Grid Authentication and Authorization based on Role Translation and Delegation

S. Tang and S. Shen (PRC)


Grid, Cross-domain, Authentication, Authorization, Role Translation, Delegation


Due to computing grid’s large scale, distributed and dynamic nature, the security issues around grid applications are more pervasive than computer network in general and thus call for more complicated solutions. In order to solve key problems such as security mechanism integration in heterogeneous grid, identity authentication and trust delegation, a cross-domain authentication and authorization model based on role translation and delegation is proposed. This model allows the establishment of trust among heterogeneous domains via certain protocols so that resource sharing across grid domains becomes possible. After a user logins to a local grid domain, its role in the local domain is mapped to a role in resource domain by using RBAC based role translation. This removes the need for cross-domain user logins while they are accessing resources across different domains, which results in much higher efficiency. The use of Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) based delegation for transferring user privileges enables submitting operation by delegation assertion and the cross-domain federation is done automatically. This can greatly reduce users’ manual involvement.

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