Parallel Transient Simulator by GPU using CUDA

Y. Isoda, M. Yokota, I. Taniguchi, and M. Fukui (Japan)


Power and Simulation, GPU, CUDA, TransientSimulation


The progress of semiconductor technology enables to implement a large system to only one chip, and physical problems such as IR-drop, electro migration, etc. become serious problems for VLSI circuit. To alleviate these problems, VLSI circuit optimization which includes fast and accurate circuit simulator is necessary. This paper describes fast and accurate parallel transient simulator for RLC power grid circuit by GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) using CUDA. The GPU is a processor specified for graphic processing, and its architecture is quite unique. This paper proposes transient simulation method considering the feature of GPU architecture. Experimental results show that proposed transient simulator can achieve 173 times faster simulation than CPU, and the simulation error between proposed simulator and simulator executed on CPU is under 0.01%.

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