Wireless Multihop Communication with Pair of Uni-Directional Multihop Routes in Wireless Access Networks

S. Kushiya and H. Higaki (Japan)


MANET, Wireless Access Network, Peer-to-Peer,Throughput, Uni-Directional Route.


In a wireless multihop network, a wireless node exchanges data messages with another node out of the network through an access point to which the data messages are transmitted by using wireless multihop transmission. High throughput bi-directional data message transmission as in P2P network applications is required; however, in bi-directional wireless multihop data message transmission, many contentions and collisions reduce the through put. This paper proposes a novel data message transmission method in which data messages are transmitted along a uni-directional wireless multihop transmission route from an access point to another one through the wireless node. Simulation result shows that our method achieves higher throughput in case that access points are sparsely distributed in a wireless multihop network.

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