High Throughput and Highly Reliable Wireless Multihop Transmissions in MANET

M. Kosugi and H. Higaki (Japan)


MANET, Wireless Network, Multihop Transmission, Protocol, Reliability, Throughput


In mobile wireless ad-hoc networks, data messages are forwarded by each intermediate node through a wireless communication link which is less reliable than a wired communication link. For achieving reliable data message transmission, two main methods have been proposed; BEC (Back ward Error Correction) using acknowledgment messages and timers for retransmission of data messages and FEC (Forward Error Correction) using transmission of multiple copies of data messages. Since the performance of these methods depends on conditions of the target mobile networks, this paper proposes a selection method of reliable message transmission methods based on reduction of available data message reception duration in neighbor nodes. Results of simulation experiments show that the proposed selection method achieves 6.20% and 6.66% higher throughput of data message transmission than the conventional BEC and FEC methods, respectively.

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