A Programming Model for High-Performance Adaptive Applications on Pervasive Mobile Grids

C. Bertolli, D. Buono, S. Lametti, G. Mencagli, M. Meneghin, A. Pascucci, and M. Vanneschi (Italy)


High-Performance Computing, Context Awareness, Adaptivity, Pervasive Grid


Pervasive Grids are emerging distributed computing platforms featuring high degrees of dynamicity and heterogeneity. They are composed of fixed and mobile nodes, interconnected through wireless and wired networks. Adaptivity is the key point for applications to efficiently exploit Pervasive Grids. We focus on High-Performance pervasive applications, such as emergency management. We present a novel programming model which allows programmers to express high-performance adaptive applications in terms of their parallel and distributed structures. In this programming model a parallel module can be programmed in multiple versions, each optimized for a specific platform configuration (e.g. mobile nodes or central servers). The module is programmed to select the best version to handle/serve certain events, such as wireless link failure and user request for a better QoS. We experimentally show the efficacy of this approach for a test-based application on a Pervasive Grid.

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