Cost Performance Analysis in Parallel Computing Networks with Divisible Load Scheduling

K. Choi and T.G. Robertazzi (USA)


Network cost, Cost efficiency, Divisible Load Theory.


A monetary network cost issue in a parallel computing network with a homogeneous single-level tree topology is discussed. The monetary network cost, which is linearly dependent on the amount of divisible workload, is composed of a communication cost and a computing cost. Through mathematical analysis for the monetary network cost in two different load distribution strategies (sequential distribution and simultaneous distribution), the issue of the relationship between the monetary network cost and ratio of network speed parameters is studied comprehensively. By introducing a new parameter, cost efficiency, a numerical network model suited for cost efficient parallel processing is examined. Simulation results yield insights for trends of network performance against network cost. The numerical analysis and simulation works here are worth being highlighted for high performance parallel computing networks under limited network cost.

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