Shallow Ontology based Deep Web Probing

H. Lu and O.O. Maruatona (Australia)


Deep Web, Ontology, Distributed Agents, Knowledgebased Systems, Applications


The Deep Web is growing tremendously fast and is set to do so over the next many years to come. As the web grows, there is also a growing concern about how the Deep Web is becoming more and more hidden. Classification has been viewed as an important step in the integration and general organization of the deep Web. This paper aimed to find the feasibility of classification by probing a Deep Web form. A shallow ontology was used to assess how much of the ontology is contained in the forms. Results show that it is indeed possible to classify the Deep Web through the (Deep Web) forms. This is true provided the form contains enough ontology in its code. The ontology basically qualifies the form into a given service domain.

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