A Force Estimation Method based on Deformation of an Object using a High-Speed Camera

Y. Tanaka, T. Tsuji, and M. Shiokawa (Japan)


Human motion, Force estimation, Deformable object, Me chanical impedance, High-speed camera


A motion-capture system using video cameras can record human motion by measuring the position of markers at tached on a human subject, and enables to reconstruct human motion on a computer. However, the capable information is basically limited to the positionaldata, such as hand position, limb’s posture, and so on. If the force data related to human movements could accurately measure from the video data as well as the positional data, it would be much useful to analyze human behaviors and to construct a more realistic virtual reality. The present paper proposes a vision-based estimationmethod of the applied force from a human to deformable objects without a force sensor. The proposed method is simple but can estimate the applied force accurately by means of the mechanical properties of deformed object corresponding to its deformation form. The preliminary test using a soccer ball is carried out to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed method.

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