Predicting Class Interactions using Requirements Interactions

N. Kama, T. French, and M. Reynolds (Australia)


Change impact analysis, Change impact, Requirement interactions, equirement, lass interactions, lass


Change impact analysis aims to assess the effects of making a set of changes to a software system. Current impact analysis techniques are based on determining class interactions (CI) and they provide quite accurate results since the class is the final implemented product of user requirements. However, this analysis requires precise implementation knowledge prior to the change and so may not be applicable in many circumstances. An alternative approach that can be used to give preliminary predictions of CI is using requirement interaction (RI) analysis via traceability analysis. However, existing RI techniques do not seem adequate to carry out this CI prediction. Therefore, this paper proposes a new RI detection technique that is capable not only of predicting CI but also of doing this with high accuracy. The contributions of the study are (1) a new RI detection technique; (2) a set of evaluation metrics for assessing the accuracy of CI prediction; (3) a detailed case study that indicates the new technique supports high accuracy of CI prediction.

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