Modularity Oriented Framework for Rich Internet Application

H. Fukuda and Y. Yamamoto (Japan)


Rich Internet Application, Management, Collaboration, Flex Framework, Web2.0


Rich Internet Application (RIA) is becoming popular based mainly on high-speed network and diversified con nection methods. Unlike traditional web applications, RIAs are working mainly on client side and invoking re mote services located on server side as needed. Unlike traditional web applications, RIA are mainly working on client side and invoke services located on server side. That is, main functionalities such as validation, screen transition and business logic are processed at client side. This paper describes the design and implementation of modularity oriented framework that helps RIA develop ers to divide processes at client side into functional units and develop each function independently. This frame work divides the functionalities working on client into three units, including validation of input values, screen depen dent processes and shared processes and makes it possi ble to work these functionalities as a single application by using event model and naming convention instead of pro gramming codes for binding them. This framework pro vides coherent RIA development style with a number of RIA developers.

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