A Versatile Multimedia Framework for Mobile-to-Mobile based Applications

S. Gardner, S.E. Davies, and D.L. Jones (UK)


Mobile and Wireless Computing, Distributed Multimedia Systems, Real Time Systems, Session Initiation Process.


This paper details an IP-based framework capable of handling multimedia applications between mobile devices, with DHCP served IP addresses, over the GPRS/3G/HSDPA network. The current implementation handles video streaming between two mobile devices as proof of concept in handling bandwidth hungry services. The framework however, may be tailored to handle specific services such as remote monitoring or control applications. A more complete framework providing a number of services is also possible with the underlying concept detailed in this paper. The paper compares and contrasts the new architecture with IMS (architectural framework for delivering IP-based multimedia services). The constraints discussed formed the motivation to develop a generic and lightweight framework that does not rely on any external costly infrastructure, or specific arrangements from mobile operators such as a private APN for example. The framework is also very cost effective and therefore of considerable interest to Small-to-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) who specialise in delivering remote monitoring services, measurement and control applications, or other mobile to mobile IP based services.

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