Automatic Consistency Checking of Use Case Scenarios

H. Min and J.-Y. Choi (Korea)


Consistency, UML, System, Use Case, Statechart


Unified Modeling Language (UML) is widely accepted in the industry. UML 2.0 has 13 diagrams to explain the system’s structure and behavior. These 13 diagrams describe certain aspects of the system. Because each diagram is a unique view of the system, conflict might arise between UML models. One particular case is Use Case Scenarios. Since Use Case analysis is mostly done in the early stage of the project, it is possible to have an inconsistency with other UML models. After the Use Case analysis, system design is started with Class Diagrams. The behavior of the class is designed with Statechart, which is the most popular way. When Statechart is used to describe the behavior of each class, there might be an inconsistency with the system behavior of Use Case Scenarios. This paper shows how to derive a System-wide Statechart by merging all the Statecharts in one application. After that, consistency with other UML models such as Use Case scenarios, which are often shown as Sequence Diagram, is checked automatically..

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