A Fast and Secure Software Solution [SS7.0] that Counters Shoulder Surfing Attack

D. Mahansaria, S.Shyam, A. Samuel, and R. Teja (USA)


Shoulder Surfing, Authentication, Security, SS7.0, Shoulder Attacker


Shoulder Surfing is a direct observation technique, such as looking over someone’s shoulder to trap the information. It is relatively easy to stand next to someone and watch, what data the user types as an information to authenticate himself\herself to enter into a particular system. Often users are unaware of the presence of any external device, which may be placed in order to trap the user and obtain valuable information, such as, passwords, while the user types through. In order to control the loss in authentication information due to Shoulder Surfing we have developed a novel software solution. It could be used in computers, ATM machines etc. According to our software, typing the password information even in front of others will not lead to Shoulder Surfing and not even allow others to understand the password quickly and grasp the authenticated information. This paper deals an overview of Shoulder Surfing with a direct plunge into the various aspects related to our software solution [SS7.0] and outperforms well in highly confidential situations. It is an upgraded version with extra security and is also much faster than the previous version. It has an inbuilt encryption feature for passwords which is based on RSA security algorithm. We have showcased the mathematical and performance analysis of our software solution.

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