Reverse Engineering of Sequence Diagrams from Framework based Web Applications

Y. Imazeki and S. Takada (Japan)


Reverse Engineering, Sequence Diagram, Framework, Web Application


The reverse engineering of Web application is very impor tant, because although their maintenance is frequent, docu mentation is not always available due to a very short time to-market. One approach to reverse engineering is the static approach, where source code is analyzed without execut ing it, resulting in models for all possible inputs. However in static analysis, it is difficult to extract scenarios, which are sequences of accessed Web pages and called methods that achieve a logic. We propose a static analysis method which leverages characteristics of a framework, specifically JBoss Seam Framework. We present a tool that automati cally extracts scenarios from a Web application and gener ates sequence diagrams. Our tool uses framework specific programming model, notation, and definition file to realize page transition analysis, identification of logics and sce narios, and analysis of information kept between multiple pages.

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