Developing a Service-Orientated Component Framework for a Landscape Modeling Language

A. Ait Lahcen (France, Morocco), P. Degenne, D. Lo Seen, and D. Parigot (France)


service-oriented component framework, landscape applica tions, service orientation, landscape modeling, DSL


With modeling and simulation, it is possible to study how a system works before trying to predict how it would be have in a variety of situations. However, when modeling landscape processes, issues related to space, time and mul tiple scales need to be addressed. In order to investigate these issues, a modeling platform based on a Domain Spe cific Language (DSL) has been developed. One of the main technical challenges of this platform is the ability to build applications with the capacity to themselves dynamically adapt to their environment. In this paper, we present the ar guments and motivations behind the choice of the Service Oriented Computing (SOC) approach when implementing the execution framework of the DSL. The modeling plat form is composed of a development environment based on Eclipse IDE, a code generator, and an execution frame work. The execution framework, which is the focus of this paper, must meet the constraints set by dynamic landscapes modeling, while capitalizing on the possibilities offered by the SOC approach.

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