BPEL Movie Framework: Replaying BPEL Processes from Logs

B. Simon, B. Goldschmidt, and Z. László (Hungary)


BPEL, webservices, instancemigration, process state, SOA


Both enterprise and government information systems em ploy SOA technology for easy, standardized, and flexible subsystem-integration. In such systems, the state of pro cesses might have to be migrated from one engine to the other, from one process version to the next. Having pro cesses with long runtime, direct restart is not an option, while direct state-transfer might be unfeasible and insecure. Authors have introduced a framework, called the BPEL Movie Framework, that applies a vertical approach to this problem. In this approach a new process is started directly from its beginning, and all communication is played back to it by the framework from the communication logs of the original process, thus yielding the latest state of the original process. This paper introduces the details of the problem, the algorithm used in the framework, and the necessary processand message-level modifications and transforma tions. An evaluation of the solution is also given, which clearly defines the applicability and restrictions, and also introduces the test results.

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