A Regional Characteristics Visualization System by Dynamic Text Data Processing

K. Moriya, S. Sasaki, and Y. Kiyoki (Japan)


Geographical Information, Visualization, and Text Processing,


This paper presents a visualization method and its implementation for representing regional characteristics by the dynamic text data processing. This method realizes visualization for a real world map with the characteristics and mood/atmosphere of any region/place/area according to various contexts. The main features of this method are that (1) it treats any document data including geographical information (name of place/area/region), (2) evaluates the document data from any context constituted by a set of any word dynamically, and (3) visualizes the characteristics of the region/place/area on a map. This method enables users to grasp the mood/atmosphere of places where they have never been to. It also enables users to look at familiar places in a totally new context, only by inputting a set of words or even one word, which represents the context. This paper also shows several experimental results to clarify the feasibility of our method.

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