Physical Condition Evaluation WITHIN the Scope of an Intelligent System for Sports Advising

E. Mosquira-Rey, V. Moret-Bonillo, E. Rodríguez-Poch, D. Alonso-Ríos, and E. Soto-Martínez (Spain)


Physical condition, physical index, and sports advising


The assessment of the physical condition of the user in a sports facility is a vital part of what is called Personalised Sports Advising. This process consists in advising the users of the sport facility in choosing the most appropriate type of exercise given their condition and their circumstances. The main problem that we face here is the instructor/users ratio. We try to cope with that problem by improving the information management rather than making the service more expensive (our sports facilities are supported with public funds, and that means public fees). An intelligent decision support system has been developed to address this issue. The system automates most of the tasks carried out by the instructors of the sports facility in order to establish and develop work plans and exercise programs. The basis of this intelligent support system is the correct estimation of the physical capabilities of the users, including both their current state and their intended goals. To do so, it is necessary to define several functions for estimating the capabilities of the users in the areas related to physical effort (i.e., cardiovascular, arthromuscular, vascular, and motor). These functions were obtained by our expert after several years of experience.

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