BPM-based Software Integration Scheme for Various Bioinformatics Tools

S.-H. Jung, C.-H. Lee, S.-Y. Kim, S.-H. Nam, and J.-H. Na (Korea)


Bioinformatics, SOA, BPM, EST Analysis System


As numerous software tools have been developed in the bioinformatics area, flexible integration or modification of conventional tools becomes an important issue. Many researchers want to combine existing tools for their purpose both in vivo and in silico. Recently, SOA (service-oriented architecture) and BPM (business process management) are emerging as an ultimate solution for efficient and flexible software integration or modification. They provide loosely coupled integration instead of previous tightly coupled integration approaches. In the loosely coupled integration, component systems can be modified or replaced freely and some components in a system may reside in the remote systems by using web services. In this paper, we present an SOA/BPM-based integration scheme for various software tools in bioinformatics. We apply the scheme to rebuild conventional EST annotation system, GeneMaster, into a web service version integrated by the business process management technology. We verify the practicality of the system by applying it to EST(Expressed Sequence Tags ) annotation applications for real genome data.

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