Efficient and Accurate Algorithm for Mining RFID Data

S. Alsaleh and B. Stantic (Australia)


Radio Frequency Identification RFID, Data Mining


Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology gains momentum and every day we witness more and more ap plication domains. These systems however generate a huge volume of data and management of such vast volume of data is a challenge. It is even bigger challenge to extract patterns and relations, which represent a knowledge that is implicitly stored in such spatio-temporal data. This knowl edge cannot be obtained using a simple queries. While a significant work has been devoted toward general data min ing a limited work was directed toward mining of spatio temporal RFID data. In this work, we present method which efficiently cluster vast volume of RFID data by ap plying K-means method only to fraction of whole data cov ering all locations. In empirical study we show that our method is efficient and at the same time has a property of high accuracy.

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