The Use of Modelling for the Speed Precision Phase Meter Metrological Attestation under the Condition of the Absence of Primary Standard Measuring Devices

A.A. Voevoda, V.A. Zhmud, A.M. Goncharenko, V.I. Gololobov, and A.V. Liapidevsky (Russia)


Mathematical modelling, simulation, phase meter,metrological attestation


The attestation of the high-speed extra-precision phase meter has been made under the condition of the impossibility of getting more precise measuring techniques because of the pioneer character of the developed device. The attestation has been accomplished by the mathematical modeling of the nature signal, and by the AD-converting procedure simulation with the Analog Devices program adimodel.dll [1] for ADC6645 and with the application of the specially developed testing programs and the program of the digital signal processing for the calculation of the phase.

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