PAM Face Authentication: An Opensource Security Module for Linux Systems

R. Anil (India), A.L.C. Yin (PRC), and O. Küçük (Turkey)


Biometrics, Linux, correlation filter, grid search and local binary patterns


PAM (Pluggable Authentication Module) Face Authentication (PFA) is an opensource security module for Linux systems. The PAM framework allows multiple authentication schemes for a single service. PFA integrates well with the Linux environment and can be used for access control during login. PFA can be used as an alternative to or an addition over the traditional password based scheme. The system works fairly well in uncontrolled settings. The PFA system provides users with a training interface to enroll their face. The system uses the cascade between Local Binary Pattern (LBP) with weighted Chisquare distance and Minimum Average Correlation Energy Filter (MACE) with Peak to Sidelobe Ratio (PSR) for authentication. PFA does not require any specialized webcam. PFA can be downloaded from

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